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Argosy VIN Decoder

The Argosy motorhomes have two identification numbers on them:

1) The Chevrolet chassis VIN is located in the engine compartment. Open the front hood and the Chevy chassis VIN should be at about eye level. Here is a link to the Chevy chassis sheet. Note: The Chevy chassis year is often one year ahead of the coach model year.

2) The Argosy motorhome serial number
is usually on the side of the dashboard. To see it, stand outside the coach by the driver's side window and look on the side of the dashboard. The number can also be found behind the front engine access cover either stamped directly on one of the steel posts running vertically on each side of the radiator or on a plate riveted to the post (normally the roadside post).

The Serial number should follow this format: M24D7V1111

The number is broken down as follows: M-24-D-7-V-1111

M = Motorhome
24 = Length (20, 24, 26, or 28)
D = ??(B, D-double, R, T-twin)
7 = Year (last digit or 1977)
V = Versailles, Ohio (production facility)
1111 - Production Number

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