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1978 Argosy 28 Exhibit "C"

1978 Argosy 28' Motor Home

Vehicle Description
The Motorhome is white with brown stripes. It is the same original colors that came from the factory. This Argosy Motorhome is a product of Airstreamís lightweight, aerodynamic concepts. It has a lightweight, all-aluminum aerodynamic body mounted on a modified high-strength steel chassis. This Motorhome is self-contained. It has an AM/FM Multiplex radio with separate amplifier, tape deck and four full frequency range speakers. The kitchen comes with a complete four-range burner and oven. It has a domestic gas/electric refrigerator and stainless steal double sink. The dining table hides in the wall when not in use. It has a double bed with an Innerspring mattress. Two wardrobes. A shower and half bath. Also a fifth Ave. lounge along with two swivel chairs and dinette table.

Other information on the Argosy Motorhome: 454 V8 Chevrolet engine, Front suspension with reinforced control arms and cross-member and stronger control arm shaft and auxiliary air springs, Air Ride Suspension System, Front disc brakes, Rear drum brakes, High ratio brake pedal for reduced effort to pedal, Frame-mounted master cylinder, Hydro-Boost brake system, In-line canister-type fuel filter, Gauge-type instrument cluster, Turbo Hydramatic 3-speed transmission, Power steering with tilt column, Dual rear wheels, Hydraulic jack and tire tools, Insulated wheel wells, recirculating air heater with separate passenger control, Outside access to engine water fill and oil fill and windshield washer fluid, Padded dash, cigarette lighter, twin outside rear-view mirrors, lockable water fill, Univolt demand pump(3 gallons per minute), All-thermo-formed bathroom with sit-down shower stall, Pullman Lavatory, Polyethylene holding tanks for black and gray water, City water inlet hook-up, Mechanically sealed flush toilet, 4KW Onan Genset Generator, Royce CB Radio, Roof and engine A/C, TV Antenna, Emerson Microwave. Vin Number is M28B8V5305. Mileage is 131,193. The Motorhome has an Automatic Transmission.

Vehicle Condition
Like any 24-year-old vehicle this Motorhome has its little dings and dents. The outside is in good condition, It is not beaten up and horrible but it is not perfect by far. There is one noticeable small dent in the rear driversí side. The paint is noticably faded. The inside furnishings and carpeting are not horrible but could be redone since it is 24 years old and is dirty/worn. Some of the curtains need new rings. Recent work that has been done is:
Recently a new heater valve was installed, There was some electrical repair in March of 2001, There was a repair to the 40 Amp power converter in March of 2001, Generator maintenance repair in March of 2001, Wheel spin/balance in October of 1998, Replaced both air bags in February of 1997, Remove and Rebuild on the Transmission in August of 1997, Installed CB from Montgomery Wards in October of 1995, Repaired the brakes in October of 1995, Replaced plugs and cap and rotor and plug wires in June of 1992, Alignment in February of 1991, Replaced stabilizer and drag link in February of 1991.

Location: Vancouver, Washington USA

Archived 5/17/03

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