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Frequently Asked Questions

Question My Answer
How many of each model were made each year? I don't know. I have never seen production numbers. I have never asked Airstream, Inc. for them. There has been considerable discussion of this question on Airstreamforums.com. The answer may be in the Airstream serial number (not the VIN#). Rumor has it that as few as 12 per year were made of some models.
What engines are in these units? Please look on the navigation bar for the link to the engine/transmission matrix. The Chevy 454 dominates the units but some have Isuzu diesel engines, a few have Ford 460's (1989 370's), and others have Cat diesels (1994 and 1995 Classic 36').
What lengths and models were made each year? Please look on the navigation bar for the link to the model/year matrix.
I would like to buy one of these units. Where is the best place to get one? My suggestion is to check this site on a regular basis. Use this site to get a better idea of the models advertised. Be ready to travel. Be ready to act quickly. Be ready to spend an additional $2,000 to $5,000 on repairs regardless of what the seller says. You can use 'nadaguides.com' for the models less than 15 years old to get an idea about pricing/value.
What's a good price? Inside of 15 years, the best place for a ball-park amount is NADA Guides.

After 15 years, prices varies on condition. Financing cannot be obtained through normal channels which limits value and potential buyers. Watch the classified sites for a value range. ebay is not normally a good indicator of value since you can't see and inspect the unit. The ebay final values can be helpful. Search the completed auctions and look at the final bid price and be sure to see if the reserve price was met.
My spouse and I would like to sleep in the same bed and not in rear twins. Which units have the rear double or queen beds? Typically the 1984 and later units offer a rear double bed. Look for a 325, 345, 350, 360, or 370. I believe the The rear island queen beds started in 1987. It gets a lot more difficult if you want a shorter unit with a double or queen. Look at the exhibits and see if you find a unit you like!

There are some 310's with walk around rear beds and a rear dinette/bed combination (see 1984 310 floorplans). These are HARD to find and command top dollar.
What is an east-west bed? Is has to do with the orientation. An "East-West" bed is perpendicular (sideways) to the length of the coach (i.e. sideways). A "North-South' bed runs parallel to the coach and typically has the head of the bed (pillows) at the rear of the coach.

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