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1987 Airstream 325 Motorhome Exhibit "B"

1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Exterior Road Side
1987 Airstream 325 Motorhome

Chassis: Chevrolet 198" wheelbase; 454 Gas Engine; 3-speed automatic; Henschen Tag Axle; Full Air Drive Suspension; Front disc, rear drum brakes.

Tanks: 80 gallon fuel; 60 gallon water; 45 gallon grey; 45 gallon black; 125 lb LPG; 6 gallon water heater.

A/C, Heat, Generator: 2 roof mounted 13,300 BTU A/Cs with heat strips (prior owner stated these are converted to r134); Dual 25k BTU furnaces w/ ignitors; 6.5 KW Onan generator (150 hrs). Exhaust fans over the living room, kitchen, bedroom, shower, and lavatory.

Entry: Security door lock; Screen door; Illuminated door bell; Entry lights; Electric steps; Step lights. Ceiling, wall, floor, and reading lamps throughout the coach.

Awnings, Blinds, Curtains: 22 ft awning over entrance; 22 ft over left side windows; plus two (L & R) over bedroom windows. Wooden blinds in living room and kitchen; Aluminum blinds (3) in bedroom and lavatory; New lined curtains.

Driver: 6-way electric seat with dual arm-rests; CB radio; Remote spotlight; color rear-view camera; cruise control; factory a/c.

Sensors: The deluxe package tells status of door, water pump, etc, etc.

Kitchen: Microwave / Convection oven; 4-burner LPG stovetop w/ ignitors; New Dometic 2-way 10 cu ft refrigerator w/ separate freezer door; new water pump; fan.

Storage: Oak cabinets and drawers throughout, 3 ft wide cedar hanging closet.

Radio, TV: Panasonic AM/FM/CD in dash, w/ hand-held remote control. TV antenna, DVD/VCR; cable hookup.

Original cost: The 1987 invoice price was $95,556.

VIN: 1A9JGAS38HJ010914

RUNNING GEAR -- everything runs as new.

Odometer: The odometer shows less than 8,000 miles -- I have no way to verify this yet the coach condition suggests this is realistic. Copies of two earlier title transfers show mileages below 5,000; and the prior owner stated in writing that the "mileage is actual." The trip odometer knob is missing.

Engine: The engine cranks without hesitation and runs flawlessly. It is so quiet that the driver and passenger can carry on a normal conversation going down the highway. I have never heard or felt a misfire or stutter. I don't know if the unit burns any oil, having driven it only 1,000 miles. I'm told the rear main bearing seal will eventually drip, even with low mileage. The transmission shifts smoothly. The universal joints are tight. The dual exhaust system is solid and rust-free. The differential is quiet.

Fuel Consumption: After just over 1,000 miles travel, I believe that 8 to 10 mpg is doable on fairly level roads at 55 to 65 mph using cruise control and not pulling something. Pulling my 4,600 pound Honda Pilot on steep roads on a hot day with the air conditioner blasting dropped the mileage to maybe 7 mpg. I'm not sure the actual mileage because we ran the generator a bit. Occasional claims I've seen of 10-12 mph for 325s are hard to believe (we've seen inflated mileage claims on many vehicles for sale). Incidentally, some E-bay sellers have engine computer chips ($110) they claim will to improve mileage -- that might be worth a try but one needs to have run a few thousand miles first, to verify if an improvement occurs.

Radiator: The 'low coolant' light came on my first day with the coach, so I had the system flushed and refilled. There was no problem -- the light still comes on from time to time, so I've decided it responds as the coolant overflow reservoir level fluctuates in normal operation, and Pep Boys said the sensor should be cleaned (I haven't found it). I've never had to add fluid and the system doesn't show leaks. The radiator is cooled by two thermostat controlled electric fans.

Suspension and Jacks: The air drive suspension holds air as new. The compressor can be used to inflate the tires. The four 'corner' jacks are operated from the driver's seat and will level the coach by maybe 12 inches.

Tires: Those I checked are stamped 2005 indicating they were cast the 20th week of 2005, and ninety plus percent of the treads remain (Discount Tire invoice / warranty is present). Safety note: Knowledgeable folks recommend replacing the tires every five or six years as the rubber deteriorates over time even if sitting, so you have 2-3 years to go.

INTERIOR -- looks brand new, no wear, stains, smells, pets, children, or smokers.

Kitchen: the refrigerator is a new, in warranty, absolutely spotless, 2-way (propane or 110 volt AC) Dometic 10 cu ft unit, with separate freezer. The double stainless sink looks new and has a new single lever faucet with dual action (spray or rain) extension wand, plus a new soap dispenser. The formica counters are unscratched and unstained. The oven is both Convection and Microwave and spotless. The propane 4-burner stove is spotless. There's an apparently unused in-counter blender with all accessories (I've not tried it). The numerous kitchen and pantry drawers are ample and spotless. Below the sink is bone dry and spotless.

Floors: The cockpit has the original unstained carpet, in new condition. The living room and kitchen have new hardwood floors. The bath area has its own new ceramic tile floor. The bedroom has the same hardwood flooring of the living room and kitchen. All floors are in excellent shape.

Lavatory (Toilet) and Shower: These are on the L and R sides of the coach and can be separated from the living and bed rooms by the door (with full length mirrors on both sides, which can enclose just the toilet and sink, or can include the shower). An accordion door can separate the bedroom from the bath area. The 29 x 32 fiberglass shower surround, toilet, and sink are unscratched and absolutely clean. The sink has a new single lever faucet.

Upholstery: All is original to the coach, and all look new. Even the driver's seat has no worn areas, even on the armrests. The Couch looks new. Underneath are three 27 x 17 inch by 9 inches tall drawers. The couch back folds level to make a 46 by 74 inch double bed. The two easy chairs appear almost new. The rear double Bed measures 50 by 75 inches and is made of two Sealy mattresses, clean and firm. These are topped by a new two inch pad.

Drawers and Cabinets: All are in clean and in new condition. Doors and drawers open smoothly without sagging. A credenza, between the easy chairs, hides a 24 x 29 table (sufficient for two). A wine rack is in the credenza.


Clearcoat: The clearcoat is faded around the rear roof, resembling a bathtub ring (see photo of rear). There are several other blemishes where bumper stickers were applied or a solvent touched the clearcoat. It must first be removed by applying Klean-Strip (at auto parts stores) and water before being reapplied. Folks can't believe this unit is 22 years old, and if it were shined up, many would think it is new.

Skin Dings, Scratches: There is a faint scrape, measuring 8 x 8 inches on the passenger side under the passenger window. (see photo of right front side or of right front wheel well). It can largely be polished away, and is exactly where I would place that a 10" decal of Betty Boops to hide it. There's also a 5 inch long scratch tucked under the right side molding (see rear side view ? it barely shows under the horizontal molding and behind the vertical seam), which can be covered with a 1x5 reflective stripe, or tapped out from inside. I repaired two dozen hail dings above the passenger seat on the front roof curve, with bondo, then spray painted the front curve dull silver. They go pretty well unnoticed, and there was no drilling. This process makes it quick to repair even a single ding, thus the motorhome can be kept looking nice if you encounter future hail.

Windshields: There are no scratches, dings, or cracks. The passenger windshield has been replaced. An edge fogging (an inch wide by a foot along the bottom and up the outside edge) is hidden by a 1x30 inch silver reflective strip I put along the lower edge of the windshield (this reflective strip is in a logical position for a safety reflector -- I put another on the passenger windshield, so both windshields appear symmetrical).

Outside Storage Drawers: All open / close properly. All locks work properly (I replaced two) and open with the same key.

Rust: None that I know of. The frame and underbody are painted steel.

Wheel covers: One of the passenger side rear wheel cover has a scrape. It can be replaced for about $100, according to my service man.

FUTURE ATTENTION The following may need attention, depending on your desires.

Blackwater tank sensor: The tank monitor registers empty even when partly full. The Airstream discussion forum states this likely happens when toilet paper fouls the sensor, and recommends filling the tank with water and three bags of ice-cubes, and taking a trip. The ice cubes can knock the paper loose from the sensor, then dump the tank. If this fails, the sensor must be removed and cleaned. I haven't taken a trip since learning about this.

Clearcoat: I discussed above that the clearcoat is faded in places. This doesn't bother me as it is. Eventually you may shine it up and make it look brand new outside.

House batteries: The two batteries are three years old, thus down to about a year of life remaining, at a cost of about $100 each. The engine battery is a year old and fine.


I love aluminum RVs (having previously owned an Airstream and an Avion cab-over), but the 325 is too big for my driveway or needs. I bought this Airstream because it has low mileage and is in near original condition. Over the past three months we've spent more than 100 hours and $1800 detailing this unit. It's probably the cleanest, tightest, prettiest original 325 unit in existence. It can be yours if you need a larger Airstream in almost excellent condition; and completely ready to travel and live. You will have a beautiful, classic unit at far less cost than those unattractive square rigs.

I would not hesitate to drive this Airstream 325 anywhere in the country.

Archived 11/05/2008

Asking Price SOLD 11/2008
Location 20 mi east of Tucson, AZ.
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Exterior Front
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Exterior Rear
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Exterior Road Side
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Front curb Side
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Interior Front
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Interior Galley
1987 Airstream 325 Classic Motorhome (B) Interior Rear Bedroom

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