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Class A Motorhomes

Blue Bird Wanderlodge

Wanderlodge M-30.5
Wanderlodge M-32
Wanderlodge M-34.5 RB
Wanderlodge M-34.5 SB
Wanderlodge M-35-PT 6V
Wanderlodge M-37.5-PT 6V
Wanderlodge M-37.5-PT 8V
Wanderlodge M-39-PT 6V
Wanderlodge M-39-PT 8V
Wanderlodge M-40-PT


1986 Blue Bird Class A Motorhomes
1986 Wanderlodge M-30.5 Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-32 Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-34.5 RB Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-34.5 SB Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-35-PT 6V Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-37.5-PT 6V Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-37.5-PT 8V Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-39-PT 6V Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-39-PT 8V Units
1986 Wanderlodge M-40-PT Units
1986 Blue Bird Wanderlodge PT40 Motorhome 1986 Wanderlodge PT40 motorhome (A)
Detroit Diesel Pusher
12kw Kohler diesel generator
Archived 3/24/2013

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