1976 Argosy 24 Exhibit "D"

1976 Argosy 24' Motorhome

When I bought this unit it had only 36,000 miles on it. Since that time I have used it a lot but I have made a continuing series of updates to keep it road ready and in top condition.

The unit has refurbished exterior paint, six new ten ply radial tires, new brakes (front and back), new master cylinder, re-bushed tire rod support pivots, new radiator, new fan clutch (w/spare), new water pump (w/spare), new timing chain, new ignition components (plug wires, plugs, and an ignition coil), re-built carburetor, new fuel pump, re-built starter (w/spare), rebuilt alternator (w/spare), new belts (w/spares), re-sealed valve covers, recently rebuilt exhaust system, new clearance lights, rebuilt transmission for reliability, extra cooler on the transmission for Texas heat, moderately high mileage on the original engine but it is tight and uses about one quart of oil between changes at 2000 miles. I have always used 2 quart oil filters and Pennzoil 20w50 oil in the unit. The generator is a 4 Kw Onan with about 1200 hours on it, its compartment has a new acoustic liner for noise control.

Inside there is a new copilot chair, a sheepskin cover on the pilot's chair, new drapes in the front area, re-upholstered dinette, new carpet, and a new microwave. This Argosy 24 has a horseshoe shaped lounge in the back that can be made into a king-sized bed. This 24' motorhome is just right for two people but it can sleep four if two children sleep on the dinette, which converts to a small bed. There are three closets and many overhead storage bins. The bathroom contains all the necessary items to shave, shower, and meet nature's demands. It has a 40 gallon tank for fresh water, 25 gallon gray and black water tanks. It also has a 50 gallon gas tank and a 15 gallon propane tank to supply the refrigerator, cook stove and furnace. All work very reliably. I wouldn't sell, but the unit has gotten too small for my use.

There is no doubt in my mind that this unit is ready to go anywhere. My last trip was to Florida and the Carolinas without any problems.

Archived 03/18/06

Asking Price Sold 6/2006
Location Georgetown, Texas 78626